Thanks for stopping by, I know how valuable your time is and I appreciate the visit.  I guess you’re here to find out a little bit about me?  I’ll make it quick so you can get back to the important stuff in life. As for me, I’m married to an amazing lady, have a job I enjoy, and am a lifelong learner.  But the number one thing I am is a dad.  It’s the task I take most seriously and the one I consider of highest importance.  I spend the brunt of my free time with my son, as I think it’s the best investment I can make, to help him grow and learn by example.  Even after I tuck him in bed at night, I spend more time with him…through my writing.

I write for my son.  I hope that someday, when he’s old enough, he can read my stories and understand life a little more deeply, understand human nature a little more poignantly, and understand his father (with all of his flaws) a little better.

Through the process of writing, my objective is to teach my son how to create goals, to put in the hard work to achieve those goals, and to understand that the feeling of a job well done may be the only reward of successfully achieving those goals.  In short, I hope my stories make a difference in his life, because I know his life has made a difference in my stories.

If you find yourself reading and enjoying my stories, please feel free to share your experience with your friends and family.  You never know who may find something buried between the lines.  I look forward to hearing from you directly via your reviews and emails.  Bye for now and happy reading…

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